Bon Temps Grill Express Testimonials

Me and my wife ate here today, and it was delicious. The food is just as good as their Verot location. The service was very fast for lunch to get you back on your way, and the staff are very nice. Five stars.

John V.

Everything I have tried so far has been pleasurable. Lately I've been grabbing the Grilled Chicken and roasted pepper sandwich out the cooler for a quick in-and-out lunch. They toss it on the hot press just enough to lightly crisp the bread and melt the Swiss cheese. It's divine along with their other meals. Must try!! You'll be a regular like myself.

Lauren V.

Delicious food and excellent staff and atmosphere.

Nikki R.

Great food!!! Great atmosphere!! Staff is very nice too.

Tim M.

Awesome, so happy for the oil center express location. Love coming get lunch and always enjoy the verot school location too. Keep up the great food, employees and ambiance!!! Huge fan :-)

Cindy M.

Myself and two co-workers had lunch there. The food was fantastic, the service was great. Home cooking

Karla L.

Everything I have tried has been very good...thanks for giving the Oil Center another place to eat :)

Brenda L.